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YUNA elements

YUNA elements is thinking ahead for Data Science and takes the path from joint creation to productive use of Data Science projects. YUNA elements is a server-based application and your conductor for data science projects. Free yourself from routine and administrative tasks and use your time to work together on the best algorithms.

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– 29.09.2020 – Update to version 1.14

In addition to performance tuning we have changed the installation for Windows in the new version. From now on the installation is done by a PowerShell script that guides through the installation. Linux users can still download YUNA elements via shell script.

Collaboration – just as you need it

Data Science is a team sport – that is why we developed YUNA elements. Reviewing notebooks and scripts, presenting your work and putting your scripts into production should be fun again

In realtime

Debugging of models, together with your colleagues. Nothing easier than that in our MarkDown interface.


Track changes to your notebooks keep track of all changes.

Compliance for your scripts

YUNA elements ensures a comprehensible and robust execution of your analysis scripts.


You code R, Python or JULIA? Our integrated packages ensure the interaction of your scripts. Thus YUNA elements supports the data science languages relevant for you. And even better: We link your scripts in different languages!

Code Review (Coming soon)

Have your models reviewed by your colleagues. Comments and news will keep you up to date.

Data Science Tools faste development with YUNA elements

You want to know more? Here you can find the documentation!

We get your scripts running

YUNA elements is the accelerator for your analyses on the way to production. We help you with your work, whether you are analyzing data or building Machine learning models.

Integration via API

YUNA elements has a fully documented REST-API, which provides the full functionality of the application and thus enables an easy and fast integration into your applications.

Dynamic load distribution

YUNA elements is a server-based application that can execute analysis scripts on distributed computing units, so-called agents. No matter how demanding and extensive your analysis is, YUNA elements automatically selects the appropriate agents of the analyses to perform your analyses as perfomantly as possible.

Data Science Tool YUNA elements dynamic load distribution


You want Smart Actions, we’ll provide them. Actions can be configured for various events, which are then executed directly.


When should which analysis be carried out and how? You define intervals and sequences of the different scripts.

Data Science Software Scheduler Eventrigger Schema YUNA elements

Project logic

The administration of YUNA elements is project-centered. Any hierarchical structures and substructures can be mapped in a project. Just like in a file explorer, you manage various resources such as scripts, documents, image material in so-called nodes.

yuna elements data science framework project logic

Permissions/ roles

Who should be allowed to do what, at what stage of the data analysis? You create and manage individual role concepts, tailored to your requirements.

Git connection (coming soon)

Bind public or private repositories to your project. Use data and scripts from your branches and commits.

Next Level 
With our data science platform scale even further!

Next Level 
With our data science platform
scale even further!


Which functions does YUNA elements offer? You can find them here.


Supported data science languages
Different interpreter versions on different agents
Horizontal scaling
Hosting the agents:
Docker or LXC-Container
Virtual machines
Physical machines
Cloud (PaaS, IaaS)
Consistency Groups: Proof and reproducibility of the analysis results
Version management
Explorative data analysis
Evaluation of analysis results
Multilingualism for scripts

Project management

Management of hierarchical project structures and resources
(e.g. analysis scripts, folders, raw data or database connections)
Serial and parallel analysis execution

Job management

Monitored script execution
Dynamic load distribution
Logging of the script output
Parameterization of the script execution


User and role administration
Granular authorization concept
Connection to other authentication providers
Multi Tenancy

Extensibility and integration

Documented REST API
Possibility of integrating customer-specific modules into the microservices architecture

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